Area Fif-Tea-One Tea Party

I’m not saying it was Aliens,
but, it was Aliens!


Last Sunday the “Traveling Teacups” had an afternoon tea. We had a great time, lots of photo ops, lots of laughs and lots of good food.


Our first course was delicious with cucumber sandwiches, pasta salad, chicken salad on croissants, beer bread and dips, little quiches and a pomegranate black hot tea.


Our second course was of iced Harney & Sons Tropical Green Tea and Sticky Fingers vanilla chai scones. A wonderful course! Lots of good conversation about school, work, plans and home remodeling.


Our third course was a terrific Pumpkin Spice Latte made with my niece’s new frappe machine. It was delicious and is now on our Thanksgiving menu. We also had desserts of cookies, brownies, almond pound cake brownies and pastry treats from a local bakery.




After our stomachs were full we had a little fun with the Alien masks my talented niece made out of paper mâché!! We laughed so hard I thought some of us might pee our pants with the giggles.







A friend of ours saw the photo above and wanted to know if they were in a vortex! Or possibly just landed!

Even the baby got in on the tea with a beautiful antique teacup.


Loved this teacup and of course some green nail polish.


We had a great time and decided our next tea party would be a cookie exchange/Christmas Tea and a possible springtime country tea up in the mountains.


Even the pups had a good time.



5 thoughts on “Area Fif-Tea-One Tea Party

  1. I love this alien tea!!! The paper mache alien heads are awesome. This reminds me of an alien themed birthday party I did when my daughter turned eight–it was so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

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