Take a Picture … Black & White

This week’s Take a Picture challenge from mauishopgirl is Black & White. I love black & white photography, love the way it looks, whether it is nature or architecture, people or animals.

Recently at the Phoenix Art Museum my niece and I met to attend an afternoon with Jane Austen. The day was filled with lectures, tea, snacks and a tour of the museum at our leisure. One of the parts of the Phoenix Art Museum that I love is the Fashion Collection. They always have a great Fashion exhibit, however, at this visit they were showcasing The Modern Spirit – Fashion of the 1920’s. The clothes were gorgeous and displayed beautifully. Below are just a few of the dresses on display…in black & white of course. I love the look of the 1920’s fashions, however, am unsure how they would look on a more curvy figure! But, they flow so beautifully from the body.

Over the years the Phoenix Art Museum has grown to a wonderful museum that Phoenix should be proud of. I hope you check it out when in town!





5 thoughts on “Take a Picture … Black & White

  1. Oh I love that time period. I was a flapper one year for Halloween (when I was still skinny) and wore my costume to work. All day long I was twisting my hips to make the strings on the skirt swing around. I also love the style of hats they wore with the little bobbed hairstyles. I think that was a time when “sexy” was more about style than showing skin.

    I really love how the black and white really brings out the dimension of the designs on the walls. Is the 3rd one tilt shift?

    I love it that you look your niece to this. What a fun aunt you are. I sure wish I lived close enough to go places with you too! You would be a fun friend.

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