Digital Print Fashion – Phoenix Art Museum

I love the Phoenix Art Museum, especially the fashion section. Every time I go I have to check it out. They never disappoint. The last time I went they were showcasing Digital Print Fashion. God I love that blue print above. It's a human jukebox... My favorite dress... Little Red Riding hood... So if you … Continue reading Digital Print Fashion – Phoenix Art Museum

Finding Beauty Anywhere – Black Cloud

Not long ago I went to the Phoenix Art Museum with my niece to see the Black Cloud exhibit. The complete exhibit was called "Order, Chaos and the Space Between" which I love! Black Cloud was an art instillation of approximately 25,000 paper butterflies glued to the walls and ceiling of the lobby and halls … Continue reading Finding Beauty Anywhere – Black Cloud

Take a Picture … Black & White

This week's Take a Picture challenge from mauishopgirl is Black & White. I love black & white photography, love the way it looks, whether it is nature or architecture, people or animals. Recently at the Phoenix Art Museum my niece and I met to attend an afternoon with Jane Austen. The day was filled with … Continue reading Take a Picture … Black & White