Desert Botanical Gardens – Carolina Escobar – Whispers of a New World

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. ~Stella Adler

Every Fall that I can remember since my love of the Botanical Gardens began years ago, I anxiously await the newest fall/winter exhibit at the gardens. Some years are better than others, some times I am disappointed, mostly I am amazed and thrilled with the art on display. One of this year’s exhibit is by Carolina Escobar. I loved it! I have only been to see it once, but plan on going back again maybe in the afternoon hours to see how the light can make the sculptures shine differently. All of the following photographs were taken in the early morning hours.

Below are some of the amazing sculptures and how I felt when looking at them! Of course my interpretation could be totally different than her intentions or what you see when looking at them. I hope you take some time and enjoy the exhibit.

Reminds me of an alien visiting!


Octopus on Parade!


King size bug!



Not sure what I would call this, but it is my favorite. Gives me a feeling of hope and peace.


A big bean.


Cactus skeleton…


Flowers from another world.



Maybe I’m obsessed with aliens but this one reminds me of something unearthly also!



This one reminds me of my dad, which I know is strange, but this one looks like a heart with valves, and my dad had heart surgery at one time, so….


Not sure about this one, but it is another one of my favorites.



Yes! Pod people!


And lastly, Dr Seuss !


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