Cosmos Tour and on our way to Belfast, Ireland


On our second day in Ireland we were up early, had a nice breakfast of eggs, sausage, brown bread and hot tea. This was the first real day of our Cosmos tour. Kathryn was our at our Director and Nigel was the bus driver. They were both excellent at what they did. I really enjoyed the tour, the bus was nice and all the other travelers were interesting, friendly and on time!


Below are a few pics from our trip from Dublin to Belfast. We had a very cold day, lots of snow and bad roads. We still had a great time.

I really like the effect the rainy window on the bus made of this passing graveyard.


More snow…



Drove thru Bushmill’s …


Castle on the way that just looked amazing, unfortunately this was as close as we got…


It was pouring rain at St. Patrick’s grave, not sure whose gravesite this is, but thought it was beautiful…


The best fish and chips ever at the pub at our hotel for the night, Jury’s Inn …


Dramatic building across from our hotel …


After spending the afternoon at the Titanic Museum, which I will post tomorrow, we enjoyed a hard cider at the bar…


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