Things I Love…

I thought I would share a few thinks I have found recently that I just love:

*   For about two months now I have been getting Graze boxes in the mail every two weeks.  I just love them.  They are healthy, tasty and just the right size to take to work for an afternoon snack.   They are $5.00 for each box, however, you can choose the frequency in which you want them to arrive.  I absolutely love the flapjacks and honeycomb mix.

Via: Graze Via: Graze

*  At the recent World Tea Expo I had the opportunity to try the DeeBee’s Frozen Treats – I had the Classic Iced Tea – A spot of tea to satisfy your taste buds, the Classic Iced Tea TeaPop marries the simple tastes of freshly brewed black tea and lemon, sweetened with agave nectar.  It was so good!   Check them out here.

Via: DeeBee's Frozen Treats
Via: DeeBee’s Frozen Treats

*  Another great item I learned about at the World Tea Expo was The Spirit of Tea .   I spoke with Matthew London who is behind this wonderful project and I look forward to seeing his book in print.

THE SPIRIT OF TEA: An Offering to Tea Lovers (Chinese Title: 茶魂 – 寄与爱茶人) is a groundbreaking “tea table” book and international exhibition by San Francisco based photographer and tea lover Matthew London.  Please go to his site and see some of his wonderful photographs.
Until next time, LAF

3 thoughts on “Things I Love…

  1. Tea pops! Never would have thought of that, but why not? That sounds like it would be very refreshing – might just have to give that one a try! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love my Graze boxes! It’s so fun to get a healthy surprise in the mail each month.

    Tea Pops? Any idea where we can buy them? I suppose I can try to make them too! I bet they would be so refreshing in this heat!!

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