Buttons, Buttons, Whose got the Buttons!!

I do! After much Youtubing, looking for icons and playing around on my blog I have now got the buttons – or rather social media icons. If you would like you can now connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The icons are on the right sidebar for your viewing pleasure.  Icons courtesy of Creative Market.  Creative Market is a great site you can join and enjoy three free downloads a week (via an email) with lots of great materials for purchase.

Have a great day! Don’t you just love when you get things to work!


Until next time, LAF

2 thoughts on “Buttons, Buttons, Whose got the Buttons!!

  1. Absolutely LOVE it when I get things to work! And the new buttons look great, by the way! I also like that teeny tiny crystal teacup up in the corner – oh so pretty! 🙂

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