Things I Love!

This weeks’ edition of Things I Love is a wide variety of things, food, links, and fun!

Today, when shopping at World Market I fell in love with this new line of paper products. I absolutely love journals and picked up this new one from live-inspired.


I love this print below, but cannot remember where I snapped a photo of it! I can’t even remember what it was! Still makes me happy tho.


I love the bake shop Urban Cookie by where I work. Occasionally we like to go there after lunch and get something sweet.


Please tell me somebody else goes into Michaels and takes pics of the fake flowers!


And last, but certainly to least, please check out the blog Two Back Flats, makers of gorgeous unique hats. Even tho I don’t see me ever wearing a hat, something about their site makes me want to!!

Until next time, discover on! LAF

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