Prettiest Trees Ever…

In May of this year I went back to Ohio with my mom to close on her condo. We were so lucky to go when the flowering crabapple trees were in bloom. We couldn’t have timed it better. It made saying goodbye to Ohio a little easier.









Some of the flowering tree photos were taken at the cemetery where my dad is buried. It is a beautiful place. I also found this sweet little angel.


The following beautiful trees were at a local park, so green.



Until next time, LAF


3 thoughts on “Prettiest Trees Ever…

  1. Looks like you were there at just the right time! Those photos are beautiful! I like the 1st one, and the 2nd to last one the best, but they are ALL very good! 🙂

  2. Those are amazing pictures. I can’t believe how gorgeous they turned out. I love them all but 3rd one my favorite maybe. not sure I could pick a favorite.

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