Tiesta Tea – Tea Review

While at the World Tea Expo in June of this year I was able to talk with a representative from Tiesta Tea. I have to say that it was one of the best experiences I had at the Expo. I spoke with one of the absolute nicest gentleman about their tea and was given some samples to try at home (however, opinions are mine alone).


I love the branding of this product, the story, and the taste! The colors of the packaging, the website and their blog all make for a fun experience.

“Tiesta Tea is a story about four friends who have put their complete faith in loose-leaf tea, and how this all-natural necessity has never steered them wrong.”

They have black, green, herbal, white, rooibos, oolong and mate teas. Each tea is identified for it’s strengths, such as Energizer, Relaxer, Slenderizer, etc.

My favorite was Blueberry Wild Child. Not only is it’s name the best, it taste great. I made a quart of it iced and it was gone before I knew it. It was fruity, fresh and needed no sweetening whatsoever.


Check out their website and find out where you can try this delicious tea. Their tea taste great and is gorgeous also.

Until next time, drink on, LAF

** photos via Tiesta Tea website.

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