The Handmade Nest

Last Friday evening I was fortunate to be able to attend The Handmade Nest Craft Night with my niece Whatever Is Lovelier. The event was held in a great space, a very modern barn.


As we entered the event we signed in, received some fun Swag, picked up our per-ordered craft and walked around looking at the great raffle prizes, cakes and crafts.


They had some great raffle items, including scrapbooking kits, twine,steering wheel covers, a bunch of nice gift cards and baskets of goodies. I loved this clock, unfortunately I didn’t win it! Haha




As they gave away prizes throughout the night we worked on our crafts. They had four different items you could create. I picked the banner made of burlap/maps. I didn’t finish my banner/garland as I want to make it specific for Halloween. I will post a pic of it when I finish it (soon I hope).



We finished up the night with some wonderful cake from the Cake Bar made by Inspired Sugar. I had the pumpkin chocolate chip cake, which was very tasty and my first pumpkin dessert of the season.





I had a great time and look forward to attending the next craft night in Spring (I hope!). I would have enjoyed meeting more of the women and learning about their blogs, but it was a fun night of crafting and visiting with my niece.

Until next time, craft on, LAF

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