Happy Sunday – Better Late than Never

This little girl turned three quite awhile ago, but just realized I never posted her photos.  In fact in just a few short months she seems so much older than these pics.  They grow too fast!              Jazz hands!!!    Friends forever ...   Cake!     Oh man I'm tired,    … Continue reading Happy Sunday – Better Late than Never

The Handmade Nest

Last Friday evening I was fortunate to be able to attend The Handmade Nest Craft Night with my niece Whatever Is Lovelier. The event was held in a great space, a very modern barn. As we entered the event we signed in, received some fun Swag, picked up our per-ordered craft and walked around looking … Continue reading The Handmade Nest

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

On day six of our Cosmos Tour of Ireland we had a tour of the Ring of Kerry. It was especially nice because we got to start a little later that morning. Because we didn't have to get our bags out by the bus, we had more time for breakfast. We made a ton of … Continue reading Ring of Kerry, Ireland