Chihuly in the Desert – Part 3 – Nighttime

In early December I made a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens with my friend and our daughters. It was a rainy cold evening and we had great fun. We even found a heart-shaped cactus…


We luckily found a huge umbrella in a garbage can outside the gardens and made good use of it when it was raining and for a few photo opportunities.


We went to the gardens during the 4 pm to 8 pm time slot and had the opportunity to see the glass in the late afternoon sun and then lit up at night. I would highly recommend it!






Of course my day wouldn’t be complete without a few close-up pics!



My favorite sculpture day or night …




I know it seems like I must do nothing but spend my days at the DBG, but I’ve just been sick since before Christmas so have not been on many adventures. I definitely want to get out and about but until then Chihuly it is! Come back later this week for some more nighttime shots of some amazing glass.

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