Chihuly in the Desert – Part 4 – Nighttime.

I promise this is my last post of Chihuly, well at least for a month or so! These pics are the second half of the photos taken on the evening when we went before Christmas, on a very rainy, cold night.


My favorite day or night might be the boat with glass …


The night we were at the gardens there was at least two weddings going on. Felt bad that the weather was so bad for them! However, I did see one of the brides posing in these works of purple glass, what a neat idea!


Some beautiful glass in the herb garden …


Loved this piece at night, more so than in the day…




The largest piece may be this one that reminds me of Christmas ornaments …




I really feel like this is the signature piece for this exhibit. It looks amazing day or night and is the first art piece you see when going in the gardens.



Above from left to right, my friend Lori, J and J, and me far right. We had so much fun trying to get this pic. Of course trying to get the timer to work, with it raining and me trying to run into the photo was funny to say the least!

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