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App of the Day…

I love playing with my photographs!  Anything to make them better, stranger, different or just fun.   

One of the photo Apps I like a lot is called SuperPhoto.  My favorite filter is “Smooth” and the following are done with that filter.  As you can see it works really well with flowers and nature!   But, there are so many other filters you can use in this App.  

I hope you enjoy them as much as me!  

Until tomorrow, LAF

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Lights on the Mountain! 

Not sure what my problem is every Christmas, but I can’t get my blogging thoughts together, may be that I am too busy, thinking of buying gifts, etc, but I haven’t done anything this December to date!  

I thought I would try and get back into it by posting some beautiful lights.  Not Christmas lights, but lights nonetheless.  

The lights in this post, however, are from the Desert Botanical Gardens exhibit of Bruce Monro Field of Lights.  These were probably taken last year and are no longer an exhibit at the DBG at this time.  It truly was beautiful.  

The lights changed colors constantly thru their fiber optics. 

If you ever get to see. Bruce Monro exhibit don’t hesitate!  

Until tomorrow, LAF 

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Upcycled Art!

As I’ve posted before my husband, Bob, is an amazing artist.  He has started to work on some upcycled projects using cardboard and other recycled materials.  One of these pieces is a reproduction of the 57 Chevy front-end.  Also, he is working on 1942 Harley Davidson motorcycle, mostly out of cardboard.  The motorcycle sculpture is still in progress.

Check them out below…   If you have any interest in purchasing these sculptures, get in touch with us through my contact page.