Mission San Xavier del Bac – Arizona

I absolutely love visiting this church in Tucson, Arizona.


A National Historic Landmark, Mission San Xavier del Bac was founded by Fr. Eusebio Francisco Kino, the Jesuit pioneer and explorer, in late August or early September, 1692. Today’s Franciscan church was built between circa 1783 to 1797, and is widely considered to be America’s finest surviving example of Spanish Colonial architecture. Walking into this church is literally like walking into the 18th Century.


I have visited this church at least four times and whenever in Tucson I like to try and visit so that I can take some photographs. The sky is always a beautiful blue, which I am not sure if it’s the sky or the beautiful white church “the white dove of the desert” set upon the blue sky that makes it look so remarkable.




On this trip I was unable to get any good photos of the inside of the church because of the renovations being done. Make sure and visit the Mission’s website for more information here. I always feel like I’ve had a personal chat with God when going in this beautiful church.




I recently was able to visit Mission San Xavier with my daughter and BFF/cousin, who was visiting from a freezing Michigan, on our way to Tubac, Arizona. We all took our time, snapping pics, lighting candles, sitting in the sun and walking around the grounds.








We also spent some time speaking with a Native American woman who explained the Man in the Maze to us, which I love.


The maze depicts experiences and choices we make in our journey through life. It illustrates the search for balance – physical, social, mental and spiritual. In the middle of the maze are found a person’s dreams and goals. Legend says when we reach the center, the sun god is there to greet us, bless us and pass us into the next world.

My brain has some conflicts with the church and the maze together in one place, however, my heart has no conflict with either and loved the experience.

XOXO, Laurie

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