Madrid & Toledo, Spain – Part 1, Day 10

On Day 10 of our Gate 1 Travel tour we had a free day and an optional tour toToledo. We had a beautiful day. Tons of walking, lots of history and even new street art. The following is just a few photos of the buildings we saw on our walk thru Toledo. Beautiful old world … Continue reading Madrid & Toledo, Spain – Part 1, Day 10

Favorite Spain Photo

My favorite photo from all of Spain may not be my best, or most liked photo. In fact some people I showed didn't really like it, or were just so-so on it, but that's okay, because I love it. I remember when I took this photo, the moment I saw the scene. I was walking … Continue reading Favorite Spain Photo

Seville, Spain – Mid-Morning, Day 5

After visiting the Plaza we went to the spectacular Cathedral of Seville. This Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the World where Christopher Columbus is buried. This was probably, at the time these photos were taken, the largest church I had ever been in. It was really breathtaking. The gold was unreal! The paintings … Continue reading Seville, Spain – Mid-Morning, Day 5