Esplandor Resort at Rio Rico

On our recent trip to Tubac we stayed at the nearby Esplandor Resort at Rio Rico, Arizona. I got a great deal on the room thru their website. I would definitely recommend it.


It was a short drive from Tubac to Rio Rico. It was a really nice resort. Check out the website for photos of the room, for some reason I didn’t get any decent pics of our room! The room was pretty, with rustic wood furniture, vaulted wood beam ceiling and great views.


We didn’t get a chance to take this trail, but there was a nature trail on the resort. This is my favorite photo of the day.


After checking in we stopped at the lounge for appetizers for dinner and drinks. Lemonade for Jack, White Russian for BFF Denise and a Prickly Pear Margarita. The original Margarita was a little bit better than the Prickly Pear.


We got to see the best sunset while snacking …



After our snacks Jack and Denise took a dip in the pool and hot tub. Me not so much!


Come back soon for some pics of our time in Tombstone.

XOXO, Laurie

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