Bordello Bed and Breakfast -Tombstone, Arizona

On our recent trip to Tombstone we stayed at the Bordello Bed and Breakfast.


I did quite a bit of research of where to stay before deciding on the Bordello. I called to make reservations and spoke to the Innkeeper, who was a delightful woman from England, who has made her and her husband’s home in Tombstone. They came on vacation and fell in love with the Wild West. As soon as I found out it was the “Bordello” of Big Nose Kate. One of my favorite books was about Big Nose Kate so I couldn’t wait to stay there.

The rooms were clean and fresh. Decorated just as imagined it would be.




Apparently if you search on You Tube for Tombstone Haunted Hotel or Bed and Breakfast you will come up with a video. It is the same room we had rented! I found that out the next morning when I asked our Innkeeper, over a wonderful homemade breakfast, if the Inn was Haunted. She said yes of course. I took a lot of pics and didn’t come up with any orbs and never felt uncomfortable, so I don’t know!




I purposely wanted a room where we could walk to the restaurants and have a beer or two and not have to drive. I really enjoyed my stay and really loved talking to the owner. >

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