All Aboard the CVSR in Ohio!

This Summer while visiting Ohio, my mom, daughter, Aunt Karen and I took a train ride on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR). Visit their website here for all the details of special train trips, Polar Express and daily schedule.


We had a great time riding the rails. Because my mom uses a wheelchair we had the benefit of getting on the car with a lift and having the train car to ourselves for most of the trip. Having the train car to ourselves allowed us to catch up, laugh, change seats and yes, even nap.

I have always been intrigued by trains and my next trip (or at least on my bucket list) is to take a train across Canada or Alaska. Oh and to sleep on a train in a sleeping car sounds amazing! For now I will just have to be happy with our little jaunt thru the Cuyahoga Valley with its pretty, green and sometimes eerie landscape.





Some great bridges I’ve only been on, not under! I never knew they were so big.





My favorite part of the trip was this area that had an Eagle’s nest and just looked so unlike Ohio to me. It had an eerie Southern feel to it and oh if only the train would have stopped at my command, I would have taken more than these few photos!




Definitely glad we got a chance to ride the train thru the Valley on that rainy day.



Until next time, choo choo. LAF

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