The Enchanted Forest

One of my favorite parts of Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan was The Enchanted Forest. As the day was winding down and the wind and rain was winding up, we snuck into the Forest to see what we could find. What we found was a lot of cute gnomes, a few fairies, lots of trees and mossy rocks.


A whimsical wooden sign points the way to The Enchanted Forest, one of the most magical spots in all the Castle grounds. Children of all ages delight in playing hide-n-seek with the fairies and gnomes dwelling beneath the bushes and trees. You’ll spy native flowers such as wild asters and lady slippers as you wind your way through this lovely little land, criss-crossing bridges and strolling twisting paths. But be forewarned! Turn a corner, and you may come face to face with a Mossy Moose! (From Castle Farms website)





There are gnomes around every twist and turn…



A few sleeping dragons …



And a few fairies, some getting into mischief …




Check it out the next time you are in upper Michigan. I bet this would be amazing in a light snow. It really was enchanting.

Until next time, LAF

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