Camping Days …

Someday I dream of retiring and having a tiny trailer that Bob and I can go discover the United States with.  Stopping at all the roadside attractions and botanical gardens I can find.

Although I think the following trailers are all darling, they are probably not practical for two grown adults!
But a girl can dream…


All of the above trailers were seen at the Motoring Thru Time event in downtown Phoenix awhile back.  The have a Facebook page if you would like to learn more about it.

Until tomorrow, LAF

One thought on “Camping Days …

  1. These pics are so cute! We have a cute little 14’ camper that is 50 years old and in great shape. It has a turquoise stove! Kristen and Jenna are going to help us redecorate the interior (curtains & upholstery) and we will get outside re-painted. Hopefully, by next summer. Jane

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