Happy Sunday … Oak Creek Canyon

Well I can’t believe it but I actually finished what I set out to do!  I posted to this blog for all of May, 31 days in a row.  Wow, I guess I can do something I set my mind to.  Now that I was able to do that, maybe I’ll have more confidence to see more things thru that I set out to do.  Well I can hope right?!  

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos taken last Fall when my daughter and I went up North with our friends. We had a great day.    



One of my favorite photos of the day are the two photos below.  I was talking to a nice brother and sister duo we had come across who were doing a vlog.  I had gotten to the top of the creek and was chatting with them.  When I turned around I came across my daughter and her friends strewn about.  Well of course I took a picture!  

What was funniest of all was J had been insistent on ME being careful.  


A few more pics of the day …

 Until tomorrow, LAF

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