Capture Your Moment! 

I spent the weekend at the Arizona Highways Photography Workshop where I learned to Capture My Moment, Follow My Bliss, Find My Creative Voice and My Inner Light!  I can’t put into words how special this Symposium was for me.  I never expected to learn so much about myself or non-technical gems of wisdom.  But I did and it was amazing. 

The one main thing I learned was to go with what I liked, make myself happy with my photography, to be different and unique.  I realize that the following photos are not my usual type, however, I do like them, actually I love them.  I enjoy all the photographs I take and all the pics I put on this blog.  But, when I thought about doing a post after this uplifting weekend, I thought of the photo above and the photos that follow.  

I rarely do black and white, I rarely shoot people and when I do shoot people it is usually of their backs (which I still did here)!   But, lately I have been pushing myself to do more people, try some black and white and widen my perspective.  


Thank you to my wonderful models and the joy they bring me!  

 Here’s to breaking out of my box!  Until tomorrow, LAF

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