A New Look!  

Yes, Have Teacup Will Travel has a new look!   I was so uninspired by my last theme for my blog and after lots of trying I think I like the new look!    I have lots of cool ideas for new blog posts and tons of photographs to share.  I am trying to be […]

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Happy Sunday!  Life is Hard!  

Life is hard!  It’s true, mentally, physically, financially, socially, you name it at times it is very difficult.   I always have a hard time with life at this time of year, it’s so hot here (Arizona), the heat goes on forever, I feel trapped in my home, car and office.  Thank God for air […]

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Thoughts for the Day…

How many photographs can one girl take?  Quite a few actually.  I have so many photographs that are just sitting in this cloud, that computer, oh some on my iPad, countless photos on SD cards.  It’s crazy.  I get so much enjoyment from taking the photographs and editing them, but it is soooo out of […]

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