Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones …

Yabba dabba doo! 

Freddy Flinstone, You’re all heart and a yard wide – Wilma Flinstone

And what may I ask do you think you’re doing? – Fred Flintstone

Last year as we were going up to the Polar Express in Northern Arizona, we decided on the way home to stop at the Flinstone Land (Bedrock City) close to Williams.   

I don’t remember what the price was to get in, but it wasn’t much.  The entrance was thru a gift shop full of cheap and expensive gifts.  Flintstone Land (pretty sure that’s not its actual name) was definitely something to see!  We really didn’t know what to think.  It has seen better days!  

To be honest the colors in my pics have been computer enhanced a bit.  The paint on these were layers thick and quite dull. But, saying all that we had a great time discovering  the buildings and goofing around!   

A few of our favorite characters …

Some unusual buildings…

Some oddities ….

A few photos I took specifically to show how creepy and great this place is all at the same time!  

OMG, the best exhibit in this place below …  I literally ran out of this place screaming for Kara to come and see this!  

I tried to turn some of the photos black and white to express a feeling, not really happy with them, but thought I would share a few here.   Any thoughts or feelings evoked is appreciated. 

Check out BedrockAZ.com for details.  

Until tomorrow, LAF. 

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