I – 1965 Ohio Tornado – The Thelma Files

In the next installment I thought I would share the photographs that my grandma, Thelma, took of one of the worst tornadoes in the Midwest in 1965 over Palm Sunday. Below is my favorite photograph from the slides taken. It brings up so many questions. I wonder if the woman is with the Salvation Army, possibly, or a volunteer organization or maybe she is a homeowner?

I guess this kind of explains my irrational fears of fires and tornadoes! Since I was 2 years old in the photo below with my brother. I never saw this photo until the other day and I think, so far, it might be a favorite. Although I look pretty worried.

Growing up in Ohio I’ve seen many a scary sky! I have been thru two tornadoes, thankfully nothing like this! Once was on Lake Erie, when laying on the bench with my cousin Denise, it came out of nowhere. Luckily we were able to get thru the storm and hide out in a bar. In hindsight maybe not the safest place, but it was all there was!

The second tornado was with Denise at her house in Michigan. Denise yelled we need to get in the basement NOW. We grabbed the Jackie, the dogs, oreos and got to the basement. Of course Denise fell down the stairs in her hurry. As I went past the back door to get to the stairs I looked out back and really, have never seen any sky quite like it. Green sky and the tops of the huge trees were swirling in a very odd way.

If you can notice in the photo below the top of the monument is on the ground standing up next to the base.

Until next time, say safe! LAF

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