Ronda, Spain – Midday, Day 6

After walking back across the historic bridge, we went to the Plaza de Toros, the oldest bullring in the country. Ronda, considered the birthplace of modern bullfighting in the 18th century, was once a horsemanship training facility.

What a beautiful structure, with it’s bright yellow and stark white. Purple lilacs flowering, sculptures and a small museum with gorgeous bullfighting outfits made for a wonderful outing.

After visiting the bullfighting ring we went in a few shops and had lunch at a great little restaurant, where we had a variety of pizza, sandwiches, and paella. Every restaurant would normally bring you olives, bread and a shot of green apple schnapps for dessert.

One of my favorite photos of Pat…

After lunch we walked around and got a few more photos before it was time to head out of town.

So many favorite photographs from this lovely city in Spain.

Until tomorrow, LAF xoxo

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