Plants of Granada – Part 3, Day 8

DOf course one of my favorite parts of traveling is seeing all the plant life in a new place. The flowers, shrubs and trees. All of my favorite things. I believe plants are really one of those things that bring me great joy. The Generalife means the architect’s garden. The Generalife of Granada is located … Continue reading Plants of Granada – Part 3, Day 8

Moorish Granada – Part 2, Day 8

So, I’m not sure how “tomorrow” on my blog always turns into two weeks, but it does. I always have great intentions. I’ve found the photos, edited them, know what I want to say but, never know how to say it. Does anyone else have that problem? Then, two days turns into two weeks. So … Continue reading Moorish Granada – Part 2, Day 8

Torremolinos, Spain – Evening, Day 7

After having a great time in Malaga we got back to our Hotel with a free afternoon and evening. We walked up a hill through shops and cafes. After tackling many stairs we came across the Fish Foot Spa and Lounge. Pat and Jean were all for it as you can see below! They thought … Continue reading Torremolinos, Spain – Evening, Day 7