Michigan in the Fall – Day 1

Taking a small break from Spain to post some photographs of Fall!  Last weekend I visited my best friend and cousin Denise in Michigan.  We stayed around her town for two days and then we took off on a girls weekend.  On the first day we drove up to Petoskey.


First colorful trees of the day was taken at a gas station.  Not sure what this little building is for, but sure thought it was unique and worth taking a photo of.


Fall 01


The leaves were not in full color by Denise’s house, but they changed rapidly the more north we drove.  We took Tunnel of Trees route on M-119 from Harbor Springs to Cross Village.





leaves 06


I would have liked to see more pinks and reds, but it was pretty amazing!  Also more pull-offs would have been nice.



leaves 05



leaves 04



leaves 03



leaves 01



leave 09


On the way to the Tunnel of Trees I believe we stopped at Petoskey State Park (however, I’m not positive).  It was snowing and raining and just cold!  But, we got out and took a few pics.






beach 02



beach 01



beach 03


We ran across these two unique churches.


church 01



church 02


Of course a few close-ups…



leaves 09





As we were wrapping up our first day of leaf peeping, we ran across the following barn and trees.  Probably my favorite trees of the day.



leaves 08



trees 07



barn 02



barn 01



That’s a wrap of the Day 1 of Girl’s Leaf Peeper Weekend 2018 as we like to call it.  We had a great time, lots of laughs, lunch out, Sangria Flight, Casino winnings and more.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2!  Drive up to Paradise, Michigan.

LAF xoxo

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