Madrid, Spain – Part 1, Day 9

On my 54th Birthday I was lucky enough to be on a high-speed AVE train to Madrid, Spain. It was a fun experience, if just a little stressful. Everyone in the train station seemed to be in a hurry to get on the train. It felt a little crazy! It looks empty below, but by the time the train was boarding it was bustling.

Once arriving in Madrid in the late morning we had a tour of the city on our tour bus. I was very happy with Gate1 Travel and Madrid was as fun as all our previous days. This was probably the biggest city we had visited to date on this trip. Below are just some of the beautiful buildings we saw on our bus tour.

One thing I loved about Spain was all the monuments in the big cities and small alike. So many monuments, which school age students visit and learn about before they are done with their education.

What a beautiful city. People having fun, lots of tourists I’m sure. Balloons bigger than I’ve ever seen,

Was a beautiful day and adventurous birthday for sure!

Come back tomorrow for more of Madrid!

Until tomorrow, LAF xoxo

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