Plants of Granada – Part 3, Day 8

DOf course one of my favorite parts of traveling is seeing all the plant life in a new place. The flowers, shrubs and trees. All of my favorite things. I believe plants are really one of those things that bring me great joy. The Generalife means the architect’s garden. The Generalife of Granada is located … Continue reading Plants of Granada – Part 3, Day 8

Moorish Granada – Part 2, Day 8

So, I’m not sure how “tomorrow” on my blog always turns into two weeks, but it does. I always have great intentions. I’ve found the photos, edited them, know what I want to say but, never know how to say it. Does anyone else have that problem? Then, two days turns into two weeks. So … Continue reading Moorish Granada – Part 2, Day 8

Seville, Spain – Morning Day 5

After breakfast at the hotel we went to the Ibero-American 1929 Exhibition Hall also know as the Plaza de Espana which was built of the Worlds Fair. It was a relaxing spot to start out the day as we walked around and took our time snapping photos. It was a gloomy morning with overcast skies, … Continue reading Seville, Spain – Morning Day 5