Stay Home!

Stay home they say. Social Distance they say. Six feet they say. And I am. We are. I’ve only been in close contact with two people in about three weeks. It’s difficult. I miss my daughter. I miss my friends. I miss going to the Desert Botanical Garden for Spring! Oh I miss that so … Continue reading Stay Home!

Happy Sunday…

Hi guys, What a difficult time we are in right now. It is so hard and I feel so spoiled. We are healthy, safe, fed and have a roof over our head. But, we are asked to stay home during this time and to social distance, and yet I feel so strange and out of … Continue reading Happy Sunday…

Springtime in 2020

What a strange Springtime it is this year. Doing the whole social distancing thing is so hard. I miss going to my favorite gardens, going out to eat, seeing my family and friends. Staying home and working from home are harder than I thought it would be! The photos on this post are all from … Continue reading Springtime in 2020