Arizona Balloon Classic – Part 3

When I am out and about I always look for the unusual to take photos of.  Well, the Arizona Balloon Classic was no different!   Right away I spotted the kids' blow up alien bouncy house!         These great adult size hamster balls were great ...    Colorful balloons for sale ...    … Continue reading Arizona Balloon Classic – Part 3

What if Succulents are actually Aliens?!

I recently attend the Arizona Central Cactus and Succulent Society Show at Desert Botanical Gardens. I will definitely be looking to attend next years show. Please check out the above websites for upcoming events. We'll after looking at all these amazing plants I couldn't help but think the above!! They just have such a unique … Continue reading What if Succulents are actually Aliens?!

From Another Planet?

When I see cactus and succulents I can only imagine life on another planet! I love the way they photograph, the variety of colors and how they can live through all types of weather. I imagine Mars being populated with the spindly creatures. The following pics were taken this Spring at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. It … Continue reading From Another Planet?