Juggler Superfine Tea

This summer I was lucky enough to go to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas.   I picked up a sample of Juggler Superfine Tea at their booth.  I got a chance to try it out this week.  Because it is still so hot here in Arizona I had it iced for my drive into work.  It was a strong, plain, dark black tea with nothing to distract from it’s taste.  It had strong, almost liquor type taste to it.  Not sure how else to say it then that!  Even though I used one teabag for 2 cups of water I noticed that I enjoyed it a lot better once I diluted it a touch.  Here is there website if you would like to check it out:    http://jugglersuperfinetea.com

They have quite a few other interesting teas, such as: Super Berries, Cherry Vanilla and a Black Tea Chai.

Juggler Superfine Tea

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