Queen Mary – Long Beach, California – November, 2011


“Transport yourself back in time aboard the legendary Queen Mary. Once the grandest ocean liner in the world, the Queen Mary is now a full-service Long Beach hotel, historical landmark, and entertainment venue. The Queen Mary gives visitors a unique glimpse into a bygone era when steamships were the most regal way to travel.” – from queenmary.com website.

The Queen Mary

Last year in November my husband and I had a Groupon for The Queen Mary for two nights.  It was conveniently around our Anniversary so we decided to go for a weekend trip.  Although the weather was dark and dreary it was a great time.  We checked in to our room, which because it was our Anniversary the gave us the choice of an original suite or a refurbished room.  We decided to go with the original room because we wanted to experience the history!

Our suite
Our Suite

The bathroom was one of my favorite parts of the room.  Although it had the original fixtures in the shower they were only there for ornamentation.

Shower fixtures of late

On the second day we took a tour, self-guided, of the whole ship – which is just amazing.   We also went on the Ghosts & Legends tour.  Both were fun and informative.  Of course I went ghost hunting with my camera and got a few orbs here and there!

Top level of the ship and lifeboats
Huge anchor
Orb over the mirror in one of the exhibits of sleeping quarters

One of the evenings we had dinner at Chelsea’s Chowder House & Bar.  It was a great dinner after all our walking aboard the ship.

Shrimp, crab cake and the best mac n’ cheese!

My attempts at tilt-shift photography!

Tiny little double decker buses
Tiny little canoes

I am so excited as The Queen Mary now has an exhibit featuring Princess Diana – A Royal Exhibition.  They also have a tea room which is just my cup of tea!  Hopefully we will be able to make a trip over before the end of the year!

4 thoughts on “Queen Mary – Long Beach, California – November, 2011

  1. Wow, that is so neat! I love stuff like this. My husband and I went to the titanic exhibit in vegas and just loved it. I love learning about history that way. Thanks so much for sharing. Oh, and never heard of “tilt-shift photography” but it makes the cars look like matchbox cars. Everything looks like miniatures. That’s neat.

  2. So cool…Going on a cruise is still on my travel bucket list. But I never thought that one could stay on a boat with so much history. There is nothing like that here. I also love seeing how space is utilized on a boat (small space design nut!). Btw, I have a confession, I have no clue what tilt shift means or why everyone wants to do it even though I have an app for it.

    1. I so want to go on a cruise up the Pacific Coast and also Alaska. The Queen Mary is docked and doesn’t move – it is in water but is now a hotel. I love it. My niece says I am on a one woman crusade to save that ship!! The tilt shift just blurs the top and bottom of a photograph to make the items in the middle look minature. I have always liked minature stuff so to make a car look tiny makes me happy!!

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