California Adventures – Cars Land 

I love California Adventures, Cars Land, Bugs Life, all of it!    I always feel relaxed at CA, whether it’s because the crowds are less, the food is fun, some of my favorite rides are there, I’m not sure, but while I love Disneyland, I always have a relaxed fun day and night at CA.  
Just a few of my favorite photos . . . 

Until tomorrow, LAF


Well another year has come and gone.  2016 is out of here!  Welcome 2017.  

I am so excited for the New Year and I have faith that it will be a great one.  The following are my top nine pics on Instagram for 2016.  It sure was a year of beauty.   

Until tomorrow, Happy New Year, LAF

A Few More – Pixar Party Parade…

A Few More of my favorite Parade pics at California Adventures …

Until tomorrow, LAF

California Adventures – Pixar Play Parade…

Every time I go to Disneyland and California Adventures I tell my family I plan on watching the shows and parades!  But, usually we get wrapped up in the rides and I miss all the parades, however, the last time we were there, I finally got to see a parade!  We just happened to be trying to cross the street when we ran into the beginning of the Pixar Play Parade and it was great!  Since we were right up front I was able to get some photographs of all the Monsters, Inc. and Incredibles!  

Love it!  

Come back tomorrow for more Pixar Parade!!  LAF 

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