Just Another Photo Challenge … What’s in my Toolbox …


This week’s mauishopgirl photo challenge was entitled “What’s in my Toolbox!” Wow this was a really hard one for me, I thought about it all week to be honest and went back and forth between ideas! I finally came up with the following…

First, I always have to have my tea and my teacup!


Secondly, I have my favorite card that my niece gave me for my last birthday! I just look at it and it reminds me of how much I love photography!


Thirdly, nail polish, yep it’s in my toolbox since it makes me feel special!


Lastly, my teleidoscope which I love taking photographs thru!



Thanks for visiting and hope everyone has a great day! Sorry for the not so great photos (actually quite embarrassed by them) but I am soooo tired but wanted to participate!

7 thoughts on “Just Another Photo Challenge … What’s in my Toolbox …

  1. Love the tea! I need to look for that brand.

    The kaleidoscope is awesome…something new I learned today, you have a teleidoscope 🙂 Thanks for participating…now I’m off to google teleidoscope!

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