Just Another Photo Challenge – Breakfast Club

After reading mauishopggirl’s account of breakfast I am almost embarrassed to join this week’s photo challenge! Lol. Her eggs benedict sound so good. And while I love a good quiche or breakfast burrito, below is more what I think of on a usual day! Oh and I do love scones and tea !!

Below is what I WANTED for breakfast:


Below is what I actually had for breakfast today in my car:


And … Below is what I had for lunch to make up for my breakfast. I know I know I don’t always make the best choices which is one of my biggest problems!


Hope everyone has a sweet and delicious week!

2 thoughts on “Just Another Photo Challenge – Breakfast Club

  1. I can eat chocolate any time of day too! I also have to confess I have eaten key lime pie from cpk for breakfast with gobs of whipped cream. That pie looks delicious.

  2. Sweet delicious day! Cheesecake has protein so very well rounded 😉 My breakfast link is up this morning if you care to take a gander. I agree, Tania’s eggs were marvelous!

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