Aliens and Tea!

“Sometime I wish the aliens would abduct me and crown me as their leader.” – George Noory

I have always been intrigued by aliens! Since I was little I have enjoyed books, movies and t.v. shows. Books by Whitley Strieber, such as Communion, were my go to books! Movies like Fire in the Sky, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Signs and Starman are on my list of favorites. T.V. shows like X-Files and Star Trek were not to be missed.

One of my new favorite shows is Ancient Aliens. I love learning about ancient history and how it may relate to aliens. I don’t believe everything I hear but enjoy challenging my mind with the info.

How does this relate to tea? Well come this weekend the “Traveling Teacups” (a group of women comprised of mothers and daughters, aunties and nieces, friends and sisters) are having an Alien Tea Party. Besides wonderful tea, scones, savories, and sweets, there will be masks, decorations, green nail polish and photography!


Check back next week for a post with photos of our alien tea!

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