Take A Picture . . . Guilty Pleasure

This week’s photo challenge from http://www.mauishopgirl.com was Guilty Pleasure. I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to nail polish! Cheep 99 cents or expensive, it doesn’t matter, I love it all! Every color, texture and shine.

One if my favorites is Butter London, but, is it the quality, or colors, no it’s the names of the colors that get me every time, such as Bossy Boots, Chimney Sweep and Artful Dodger. Don’t get me wrong I love the polish, but what I really love is the website and the names!

I just heard of a HBO Girls line of nail polish from Deborah Lippmann. I would love to buy it because I love the show, or The Hunger Games by China Glaze or Spiderman by OPI. I am drawn in every time.

Fortunately I’ve gotten somewhat in control of my obsession and have kept my nail polish purchases to a minimum.




2 thoughts on “Take A Picture . . . Guilty Pleasure

  1. Nice – there are worse addictions to have 🙂 This is a fun one! I love nail polish too, although I don’t buy a lot of it. I think the names of the polish are almost as fun as the polish!

  2. I love Butter London but can’t find it here and no one will ship polish because of the air restrictions (hazardous?). Not a bad guilty pleasure to have! I suck at polishing my nails but I’ve been doing the at home gel thing at it works pretty well.

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