Things I Love…

First, so excited that I get to attend the World Tea Expo that is coming up this June in Las Vegas. I will be attending as Press for my blog and am so glad I get to experience and share Las Vegas with my mom, who will be accompanying me.


I am looking forward to talking to all the exhibitors, trying the teas and attending the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony. It is a ceremony wherein participants simultaneously serve and receive tea – silently.
Spectators are welcome and will also be served tea. “We simply ask that spectators are also silent during the ceremony.” Check out more about the Expo and the Tea Ceremony at World Tea Expo

The ceremony has Seven Principles 無我茶會特殊做法及其七大精神

1. Seating arrangement is chosen randomly. — No priority to seats, no matter of social status. 座位由抽籤決定──無尊卑之分

2. Serving tea in the same direction. — No reward is expected. 依同一方向奉茶──無報償之心

3. Accept and appreciate different teas. — No bias. 接納、欣賞各種茶──無好惡之心

4. Brew the best you can. — Concentrate and improve. 努力把茶泡好──求精進之心

5. No director. — Everyone follows the public announcement. 無須指揮與司儀──遵守公共約定

6. Remain silent during brewing. — To cooperate and appear in group rhythm and harmony. 泡茶席間不語──培養默契,體現團體律動之美

7. Not confined to any tea brewing manner. — No distinction of school or region. 泡茶方式不拘──無流派與地域之分

*from Wikipedia, Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

It sounds amazing and hope that I will be able to attend as a spectator.

Second, I am in love with Timothy’s K-cups for the Keurig. Has great flavor and love it over ice. I usually make a whole pitcher of it, running it through the K-cup 4 to 5 times. I prefer it black over ice. I highly recommend it. Check out Timothy’s.


Thirdly, I love the limited edition Life of Pi tea from the Republic of Tea. It is great, hot or iced. It has a strong black tea taste, but very flavor-able. I loved the book, the movie and now the tea. I have been rationing it out since I may not be able to get anymore!


As described by Republic of Tea: black tea with mango, apple bits and blueberry.

Until next time, LAF

One thought on “Things I Love…

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time at the tea expo – can’t wait to hear all about it! You have listed 3 of my favorite things too! I have had a Keurig coffee maker for a few years now, and I absolutely love it! The Kahlua coffee just happens to be one of our favorites. There is another brand that I really like too, it’s Gloria Jean’s Coffee, and one of my favorite flavors is “Mudslide”! Check it out! You might like it too. Haven’t heard of the Life of Pi tea, but I did read the book and I really enjoyed it a lot!
    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I always prefer the book version, maybe one of these days I’ll check it out.
    And now I’m off to get another cup of coffee 🙂

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