World Tea Expo 2013

So excited, tomorrow I head out to the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. I went two years ago when my blog was just new, and I am more excited then ever to talk to the vendors.


In getting ready for the expo I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the internet looking at all the vendors descriptions and websites. It has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to taste some great tea.

Well it’s now three hours later since I started this post! Watch for updates in the next couple days!

Until next time, LAF

P.S. I love this little glass teacup that goes with me now on all my photo shoots, but I can’t remember who gave it to me. I hate to admit that, but if the person that gave this to me read this let me know please…

3 thoughts on “World Tea Expo 2013

  1. Laurie & Joyce, Have a fun time and bring back some great tea for us to sample at the Summer Tea Party! Jane

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