Chambre de Sucre

One of the booths at the World Tea Expo was Chambre de Sucre. Check out their beautiful website at

Source: Chambre de sucre
Source: Chambre de sucre
Source: Chambre de sucre
Source: Chambre de sucre

Their exhibit booth at the Expo was absolutely gorgeous. However, I could never get close enough to the exhibitors to talk to them! It was crazy pretty and I just wanted to share their website with you. They had a tiered cake stand with pretty sugars in tiny containers. It was a lot of fun to look at. Check out their website – they have beautiful gift sets, angel wings, diamond sugar stirrers and a few teas.

According to their website: “Our sugars are handcrafted by one of the oldest family-owned businesses in Japan with the highest quality sugar possible. They are over 270 years old and have provided the Royal Family in Japan with their sugar since the time of the Shogun. Japanese artisans still use traditional methods to create this luxurious sugar for your cup of tea and coffee.”

Hopefully I will be able to taste test these wonderful sweets someday!

Until next time, LAF

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