Ceylon Bliss – Favor Ceylon Tea

Recently at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas I had the pleasure of speaking with a few of the representatives of Favor Ceylon Tea.  They were all so friendly and informative. I really enjoyed my chat with them. They explained to me all the uses of the liquid tea and that their “teas are cultivated using age-old traditional methods by local Sri Lankan growers and imported and distributed by Favor Ceylon, a small, independent, ethical business.”  I just wish I could have spent more time with them and drinking more of their delicious tea.

Source: Favor Ceylon Tea
Source: Favor Ceylon Tea

I had the opportunity of trying their Liquid Black and Green Teas. They were so good. I loved the idea as you can put the liquid in hot, cold or even in baking, for a quick cup of tea. It had a lot of flavor, was ready instantly and had great taste. Each canister makes 60 cups of hot tea and 30 cups of refreshing iced tea. It sells for a reasonable $8.99 or $9.99 (depending on the tea).

Check out their website: http://www.favorceylontea.com for all the information. They also sell tea in the more traditional form in beautiful packaging.  (photos below from their website).


I found the following, from their website, so inspiring:  “An ancient Eastern legend tells of the mystical origin of tea. As the story goes, monks meditating in the forest found their eyelids growing heavy, so they plucked their eyelashes and cast them onto the ground. Where they fell, tea plants sprouted. By brewing the golden liquid, the monks were able to overcome sleep and successfully focus their meditations; hence tea’s association with the qualities of clarity, mindfulness, and enlightenment. Whether sipped in the morning to clear and focus the mind, or savored at night to bring serenity and relaxation, tea continues to be cherished in many world cultures for its enhancement of spiritual and physical health and well-being.”

I absolutely love this tea and hope to buy some for myself very soon!

Until next time, LAF

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