Glendalough, St. Kevin – Ireland

On the last day of our Cosmos tour of Ireland we made a stop in Glendalough. We walked thru the cemetery, taking our time, reading the gravestones and soaking in the history.


I have always enjoyed spending time in cemeteries, they have never seemed spooky to me, instead peaceful, calming and pensive. When I was a little girl, my grandma, me and her miniature collie Tony would walk the circular path of the cemetery behind her house. We would walk in quiet, not talking, just being together. Sometimes we would stop and discuss what the lives were like of the names on the gravestones.

As I got older I would still seek out cemeteries for deep thoughts, walking and quiet time. It would give me great peace to pray for the lives that were gone as I walked and thought. I also think they are beautiful to photograph. I hope you enjoy the following pics taken in an ancient cemetery in Ireland.












Below may be my favorite and least favorite photography as it brings so many possibilities. The tiny tombstone broke my heart.





Throughout the years I have been to cemeteries throughout the country in Washington DC, Gettysburg, New York, Maryland and many more. Seeing the grave of Edgar Allen Poe was a highlight.

Does anyone else enjoy a walk thru a cemetery? Does it cause you peace, stress or fear?

Until next time, peace. LAF

3 thoughts on “Glendalough, St. Kevin – Ireland

  1. I agree, completely. Cemeteries are fascinating, peaceful and thought provoking. You know how people say they get a sense of how big the world is when they look at the ocean? I feel that same feeling in a cemetery.


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