Chihuly in the Desert – Part I

This Fall I visited the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona to check out the new Chihuly Exhibit. One of my many visits I am sure so I went in the early morning reserved for members. I got there when they opened, which I love because there are usually only a few people milling about.



This is the second time Chihuly has been at the DBG and this time did not disappoint! Beautiful works of art all made of glass.



It is always fun the first time I go to the exhibit because you never know what you will discovery when you turn the next corner.



Self-Portrait … “I hold the keys to the prison that is my mind” -Hannah on Girls. I love that, the first time I heard it I felt like that was me!




This piece is just amazing in real life, so dramatic!




I’ll be back in my next post with even more beautiful art works of Chihuly. I definitely recommend checking it out when in Phoenix. The installation is there until May, 2014.

Until next time, Laurie

4 thoughts on “Chihuly in the Desert – Part I

  1. so amazing!! cannot wait to go visit the exhibit! this looks even better than when he had his last exhibit at the DBG, if that is even possible. great photography also.

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