Coffee anyone?

I grew up coming to this park, on the lake, never knowing that the house on the property was the summer home of the Folger Family, well known of course for it’s coffee!


As a young person we might swim at the tiny beach, as a teenager we would lay on the rocks getting a tan, or at sunset sit on those same rocks talking and dreaming about the future. When my daughter was a baby we would come to the park for a quick swing on the swings. Yes this park has great memories for me and every time I am home I have to visit it, rain or shine, hot or cold!












The house has changed over the years, from disrepair to it’s present state. It is a beautiful house and I hope that one day they make it available to go inside. The park is the Veterans Park and has a great old cemetery next door! Many a time I have walked thru the cemetery amazed by the huge trees that have grown right thru the headstones.

Hope you enjoyed these few photos of one of my favorite places in Ohio! Check out more information here

Until next time, LAF

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