Wallace Desert Gardens – Part I

Almost a year ago I heard of the Wallace Desert Gardens in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Little did I know that shortly after hearing about the gardens would I be lucky enough to attend one of the last public tours available.  I just happened to call to see about getting on a tour when they booked one last visit.  

The tour started with a short explanation of who the Wallaces were, how the gardens were collected and what was happening to the wonderful plants within the garden.  The cost of keeping the gardens in the private neighborhood was extremely costly, therefore the majority of the plants will be finding a new home at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona.  This transition will take a few years to complete.  Check out the BTA website for more information.  

The plants were amazing and I will be posting about three separate posts to get them all in. I have never seen a place so thought out, taken care of and beautiful.  This first post will be of the building with the overgrown plants and the house that the Wallace’s lived in. 


It really was a beautiful place and can’t wait to see them in their new home!  

Come back soon for Part II of the Wallace Desert Gardens’ photographs!    

🌸 LAF 🌸

One thought on “Wallace Desert Gardens – Part I

  1. Oh darn, you had me excited about discovering a new place to visit. I haven’t visited the arboretum yet and have heard good things about it. We’ll be back in Phx in a couple of weeks and looking forward to the desert blooming this spring.

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