It’s a Burl Gallery – Kirby, Oregon 

As I promised June is all things Oregon!  Haha. Well to start off I thought I would post about It’s A Burl Gallery on the Redwood Highway in Kirby, Oregon.  Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Unfortunately we didn’t come across this amazing place until early evening, therefore, it was closed for the night.  But, that didn’t stop me from snapping a few photographs.





As usual i always have a favorite photo for the day, and this one below is it…


I’m really not sure why my photos came out so small!  But, I still want to share them.  Also, I’m pretty sure if this place had been open when we drove past, we would have spent a long time checking it out.  Someday I will get back!

Now to introduce you to our trip mascot!  Creepy Clown Baby!  He came into our lives a little oddly and I will share that story later, but as creepy as he is, we sure had a blast with him at every turn!


He will definitely have his own posts along the way, because the photos are just too special  to not share!

Until tomorrow, LAF 😜

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